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Bid farewell to delivery anxiety with our subscription service. Your parcels stay safe with us, avoiding porch pirates and delivery drama. It's like a spa day for your packages – minus the cucumbers.


No missed deliveries

‘Sorry, we missed you' is so last season. Enjoy the peace of mind of never missing a delivery again. Sounds nice, doesn't it?


Growing number of locations

Enjoy the convenience of having a growing network of PenguinPickUp locations close to where you live


Flexible subscription tiers

From the occasional item to lots of things all the time. Flexible pricing tiers available that fit your lifestyle - even for those late night shopping sprees.

How subscription works


Sign up and get your Account Number


Use a Penguin Pickup location as your ship-to address and add your Account Number


Get your notified when your package is ready


Pick up at your convenience

From the occasional item to lots of things all the time. Always safe, secure, and convenient.


$8.99 per month

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  • Up to 30 packages a month included
  • View, track and manage packages using the PenguinPickUp app
  • 21 day holding period when shipping to our retail locations 
  • Ship to any Penguin Pickup location across the country 
  • Share pickup codes and allow friends or family to pickup on your behalf

Hear from our clients

I love the convenience of the subscription. Never having to worry about missed or stolen deliveries has changed the way I shop online.”

Sam N, Subscription member

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Hear from our clients

With Penguin Pickup, I no longer have to deal with delivery anxiety. I can track my packages easily and collect them at my convenience.”

Roman A, Subscription member

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Hear from our clients

No more missed deliveries! The convenience of picking up my packages on my schedule has been a game changer.”

Kyle C, Subscription member


What do I need to pick up my PenguinPickUp package?

In order to pick up a package, you must have an active membership and bring a physical piece of government-issued photo ID (passport, age of majority card, driver’s license).

What are the subscription plans?

We kept this simple by creating a recurring month-to-month subscription of $8.99 plus tax. Or alternatively you can sign up on a per packagae basis of $3.99. Subscription plans are for individual use.

Is there a business subscription?

Effective Nov 1, you do have the option of subscribing to a business subscription. Please contact us for more details,


What if I want to cancel?

To cancel your plan, please follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your PenguinPickUp account.

2. Navigate to the "My Order History" section.

3. Locate and click on the "Manage Subscription" option.

4. From the available choices, select "Cancel Plan."

By following these steps, you will be able to cancel your plan hassle-free.

How long will PenguinPickUp hold my packages?

As part of your subscription, we will hold your package for 21 days. After 21 days, there may be additional charges based on your selected tier.

What happens if I do not pick up my parcels after 21 days?

Any parcels collected past 21 days will be subjected to additional fees. Any parcels not picked up within 60 days will be treated as abandoned, unless PenguinPickUp agrees in writing, in advance to hold your parcel for a longer period.

What is the refund policy?

PenguinPickUp offers a 30 day subscription, canceling the subscription will not make you eligible for a refund, unless PenguinPickUp charged you after you cancelled the subscription.

What is the difference between PenguinPickUp Monthly plans and pay per use?

Pay Per Use

  • One incoming package, paid in store, one-time fee (per parcel) of $3.99 plus applicable tax
  • Storage charge (per parcel day 22 to day 30): $8.99 plus applicable tax
  • Additional Holding Fee (per day from day 30 to day 60): $1.00 plus applicable tax

Individual Monthly Subscription

  • Recurring monthly fee of $8.99 plus applicable tax
  • Up to 30 incoming parcels
    Storage charge (per parcel day 22 to day 30): $8.99 plus applicable tax
  • Additional Holding Fee (per day from day 30 to day 60): $1.00 plus applicable tax


Business Monthly Subscription
  •  Recurring monthly fee of $49.99 (plus applicable tax) for up to 100 incoming parcels
  • If you wish to receive more than 100 parcels during your subscription, please contact us for pricing information,
  • Storage charge (per parcel day 22 to day 30): $8.99 plus applicable tax
  • Additional Holding Fee (per day from day 30 to day 60): $1.00 plus applicable tax

How do I address my package to PenguinPickUp?

The first and last name on the parcel needs to match the first and last name on the PenguinPickUp Account. You will need to add your PenguinPickUp Account number next to your Last name. When checking out your online order, simply enter the address of your PenguinPickUp location of choice as your Ship To address.

How many packages can I order to PenguinPickUp?

The number of packages depends on the subscription tier. 30 packages per month for personal indivisual tier and 100 packages per month for commerical tier.

Is this a contract?

PenguinPickUp Get It is a 30 day subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Why would I need to sign up for a subscription?

To have your parcels stored and picked up at your convenience, a PenguinPickUp Get It subscription is required. For packages to be accepted, an active PenguinPickUp account number must be included on all packages.

When would I not need a subscription?

You will not need a subscription for the following cases:
  1. When you order from a retailer partner.
  2. When you have a Courier Doortag.
  3. When you need to ship packages from a PenguinPickUp store.

For a complete list of our retail partners, please visit PenguinPickUp Partners

Do I need a subscription when ordering from your retail partners?

You will not need a subscription when ordering from one of our retail partners

For a complete list of our retail partners, please visit PenguinPickUp Partners.

Choose PenguinPickUp as a pickup option when ordering from one of our listed retail partners. When PenguinPickUp shows up as a pickup option during checkout, you will not be asked to put in a PenguinPickUp address or your account number.

If you want to see if your selected retailer is one of our partners, please refer to our list PenguinPickUp Partners.

I order parcels to my home, and sometimes the courier company delivers my package to my closest PenguinPickUp, will I need a subscription to pick up my parcel?

If the courier redirected your package after attempting delivery to your home, you will not need a PenguinPickUp Get It subscription to pick up your parcel. The courier will leave you a note indicating your parcel was delivered to a PenguinPickUp location.

Will I need to subscribe if I want to drop off my online returns and/ or ship out a package?

A subscription is not required for dropping off online returns, shipping out parcels or purchasing packaging materials or other items for sale at a PenguinPickUp store.

How do I Sign up?

New members will be able to sign up on November 1st, 2022 through our website or App.


Existing PenguinPickUp members will be able to add the subscription plan to their existing account on November 1st, 2022.

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