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We partner with global couriers and retailers to provide innovative solutions

Gain comprehensive onboarding and ongoing account management support tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless partnership journey from start to finish.

Access a range of flexible integration options designed by our dedicated tech team, allowing for smooth and efficient collaboration that meets your specific requirements.



Expanded access points

DHL grew their retail network through partnering with Penguin Pickup with zero capital cost

Reduced costly failed deliveries

DHL was able to capture significant savings by redirecting undeliverable to the Penguin Pickup locations

Penguin Pickup consistently demonstrates remarkable efficiency and reliability, enabling DHL to better serve our customers

Easy, accessible pick-up points

Purolator customers love that Penguin Pickup is located where Canadians work, live and play

Simplified returns and shipping

Penguin Pickup locations make dropping off returns and sending packages a breeze with a consistently great customer experience

Our partnership with Penguin Pickup has helped to grow our access points for Canadians, and enables a one- stop solution for returns, shipping, and pickup’s.


Expensive shipping pain point solved

Click and collect across Penguin Pickup locations allowed to extend their delivery options.

Integrated solution optimized for UX.

Penguin Pickup locations are directly integrated on the checkout page making the checkout flow seamless and simple.

Through Penguin Pickup's strategic locations, can offer customers an appealing solution to retrieve orders quickly and conveniently, enhancing overall satisfaction.



Receive personalised onboarding and account management support for a smooth partnership journey.



Access flexible integration options crafted by our dedicated tech team to suit your unique needs.



Collaborate with a team invested in your success. We share the same end consumer, ensuring seamless alignment in delivering exceptional experiences.


Hear from our clients

We greatly value Penguin Pickup's innovative mindset, which consistently fosters forward-thinking solutions and drives collaborative efforts, making them an exceptional partner”

DHL Express Canada, Retail Sales and Strategy

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