PenguinPickUp may not accept any parcel that does not meet the parcel requirements as set out in this policy. This policy may change from time to time. Updates to this policy will be posted at this location. It is your responsibility to check this policy before using PenguinPickUp and to ensure your parcel meets the requirements set out here. PenguinPickUp reserves the right to inspect and refuse any goods that do not meet this policy. In the event that PenguinPickUp unknowingly accepts parcel’s contrary to this policy, PenguinPickUp will assume no liability whatsoever in respect of the parcel, including but not limited to loss, damage, prosecution, delay or theft of any such goods.

Labeling Requirements. All items shipped to PenguinPickUp must clearly display the Subscriber’s Name, PenguinPickUp Account Number, and PenguinPickUp Store Address. The PenguinPickUp Account Number can be inserted in the last name field as shown below:

Size Requirements. PenguinPickUp may also, in its sole and absolute discretion, refuse to accept any parcel weighing more than 68 kilograms (150 pounds), exceeding 270 centimeters in length (108 inches), or exceeding a total of 419 centimeters (165 inches) in length and girth combined. Length is the longest side of the parcel. Girth is the distance around the parcel at the widest point.

Prohibited Goods

Penguin Pick-Up does not accept the following:

  1. currency or negotiable instruments;
  2. dangerous or hazardous goods, including those goods prohibited by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations
  3. firearms or weapons of any kind;
  4. tobacco, alcohol or any other drugs or controlled substances, whether prohibited by law or otherwise, including, without limitation, cannabis, prescription and over-the-counter drugs or controlled substances;
  5. goods that may damage other goods or equipment, expose a person to danger or emit offensive odours;
  6. antiques, precious metals, valuable jewellery, original works of art or any other goods that in Penguin Pick-Up’s sole judgment are of extraordinary value;
  7. animals, birds or insects;
  8. live plants or cut flowers;
  9. human remains in any form or any other biological materials or medical waste; and
  10. any goods that are, or would be, if shipped, contrary to the laws of Canada, its provinces or municipalities, including but not limited to the Criminal Code and the Canada Post Corporation Act and the Non-Mailable Matter Regulations thereunder.

Perishables unless the parcel is from an approved PenguinPickUp Partner. For the latest list of approved PenguinPickUp Partners go here: (